5 Things to Consider When Buying a Lift Kit

There are several reasons why truck and jeep drivers install lifting kits. The first is the specifics of using the car, namely traveling over rough terrain. The second reason is a cool and aggressive look. However, there is a lot to consider when adding one to your vehicle.

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The selection of the lift kit should be done based on your driving style, personal preferences, and the kind of off-roading you plan to do and this is only a small part. So in this article we want to tell you about some important points which you need to know before you lift your truck.

Essential things to consider before lifting truck

1. Financial costs and installation time

Unfortunately, buying and installing a complement is not cheap. A selection of the necessary tires, the purchase of the kit itself as well as other parts will cost you several thousand dollars. Not to mention the fact that you need to consider the cost of the mechanic service and the installation time of your modification.

2. Fuel economy

Installation of the kit, regardless of its size or height, will affect your fuel economy.  Therefore, if you already have the high fuel consumption of your truck, you should reconsider of buying a lift kit.

3. Driving a Car That Has Been Lifted

Once a car has been lifted, its handling will vary dramatically from the way that it was before. This includes pronounced swaying as it takes corners and an altered center of gravity that makes turnovers easier. It is important to drive carefully and get a new feel for the vehicle immediately after it has been lifted.

4. How to choose the right lift kit

The choice of kit will depend on the type of tire that you want to install on the lifted car and how high the car must be lifted in order for it to fit. The choice will also be affected by:

  • Year make, and model of the car
  • New tire diameter
  • New tire width
  • Rim offset (the amount of rim that sticks out)

The goal is to elevate the car so that the tires do not cut or rub on the frame of the car. Therefore, you should contact the professionals who themselves will select and install the appropriate kit for you.

5. Comfort from using your car

Installing a lifting kit will also entail other troubles. You may need to install steps to comfortably climb into your car. Do not forget that raising the car will worsen the viewing angle of the road. Also, due to the impressive size of the car, there may be problems with a parking space, be it your garage or parking near the store.


Choosing to install a lift on your car is a deeply personal decision that can seriously impact the look and function of a vehicle. With this article we didn’t try to dissuade you from buying a kit. Lifting kits have a great look and are very effective when driving off-road. Just do not forget to consider all the pros and cons when buying this modification.


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