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Export Cars from USA That You Just Have to Get Your Hands On

There’s just something about cars from the USA that screams “All-American Muscle” and that you just need to have one. Sure, there are a lot of car manufacturers available here in the Netherlands from Lamborghini to Porsche to Mercedes to BMW to Audi to Jaguar to good old Ferrari. And that’s just scratching the surface of it. There is a wide variety of cars that are available to people north east of the Atlantic Ocean.

But that’s just what makes American muscle cars, the want of the hour for many consumers. They are looking for something that sets them apart from the rest. They want the power of the Supercharged American V8 while everyone else boasts V10s and V12s from local manufacturers.

The Market for Classic American Muscle for Petrol heads in the UK

No, it’s not a derogatory term to call someone a petrol head. It just shows that they have a love for cars and how they work. It also shows that they can appreciate US imported classic muscle when they see it.

There was a golden era that lasted from the 1960-70s which saw a rise in the American muscle cars in the US of A. Top brands like Chrysler, GM, Chevrolet and Ford rose to the occasion to meet the need of high performance muscle cars that had their own beautiful charm. With their shoe-horned V8’s that gave off that choice rumble as an exhaust note, cars like the Mustang GT 500, Chevy Corvette, The Pontiac Trans Am, the Hemi Cuda and the others were the prime of their time.

Though that era may have passed but word has spread that these cars and others are still available to people in different parts of the world including the UK and the Netherlands. Marlog Car Handling is one company that is helping enthusiastic individuals looking for classic and modern American muscle cars to own for themselves. Here are some of the cars that you must get your hands on and add to your collection.

1.   The Pontiac Firebird

The mid 60s was when Pontiac had an idea to build a two seater muscle car that would appeal to the new generation of buyers. Politics prevented that because the proposed car would probably hurt the sales of the more popular Chevy Corvette sales. The Pontiac was given a chunk of the muscle car market as it was stylized on the Camaro platform.

This one is fairly popular among international buyers and is a less expensive alternative to the Camaro.

2.   Ford Mustang

This was the car that is assumed to have started it all. It bought an affordable classic in the making and made it available to the public. It has its roots in the styling and performance with the Falcon and Fairlane.

It may come as a surprise that executives at Ford were not confident that it would cross the 100k sales barrier. But it did that in the first 3 months. It’s in the 6th generation and is still as cherished as ever worldwide by its fan-base.

3.   Plymouth Barracuda

The previous car in this list is one that many people say is the pioneering “pony” car. But it was in fact the Barracuda that made it to the scene first. The stylized fastback coupe with a unique window style enjoyed it first 3 weeks but was not able to sell as popularly as the Mustang did. But that didn’t defeat its desirability.

The third generation of ‘Cudas and Barracudas are one of the most internationally sought-after muscle cars on the planet.

Fan fact: The manufacturers initially wanted to call it the Plymouth Panda (instead of the Barracuda). Imagine that!

Which one of these bad boys are you willing to import from the US?