It’s Neither a Bike nor a Car: Can-Am Spyder

When you’re used to driving a motorcycle, a car just doesn’t feel that good. Same goes for people who love making their fancy sports car around town, not like bikes. But trying something different every once in a while is a great way to wind down from the monotony of either of the above. A perfect way to do that is to try riding one of Canada’s best vehicles – The Spyder. The Spyder is a power sports vehicle that is shaped similar to a motorcycle, yet still is different. It has three wheels instead of two and gas a bumper like that of a car. In this innovative design, the Spyder is bound to give any vehicle enthusiast a run for their money.

Riding it may be a little more like a riding a motorcycle than driving a car, but its serious horsepower is meant to amaze you.

The Canadian Company Bombardier Recreational Products have hardwired it, yet still has a North American vibe. The Bombardier Spyder has been made to be ridden on big open roads and for long distances making it the ideal vehicle for short road trips.

City Experience

The Spyder has a width of about five feet which makes it nearly impossible to make it go through the narrow streets you may take your bike through, but that doesn’t matter since if you wanted a bike, you wouldn’t buy the spyder. So you would probably have to ride it on roads you’d take your car. It’s controlled with switchgear located on the left side of the handlebar, and it has a system to shift gears when you come to a stop automatically. However, you will have to manage the gears while speeding up manually.


This is a vehicle that is made to connect deeply with the rider. Its riding experience engages your full body. When you just through corners, your body tends to move in a way that unlike anything you’ve experienced before. While flying into a corner, you may find yourself trying to stand up to avoid being blown away by the sheer strength of the vehicle. A good thing about it is that you can have fun in this vehicle without crossing the legal speed limits. Its fresh looks ensure that you will never go unnoticed while riding this vehicle.

So if you’re a vehicle enthusiast, this is the three-wheeler for you.