Vehicle Sell to Adopt Clean Technologies

From the ashes from the economic meltdown, the automotive market is enhancing to integrate clean technology using the commitment of satisfying consumer demand and improving the conclusion.

The creative destruction that pressed GM into personal bankruptcy has produced new investment possibilities for cleantech vc’s and begin-ups that may change and innovate in, of places, the automotive market, based on research conducted recently printed within the Cleantech Q2 Investment Monitor. The 2-year, 40% loss of American auto sales between 2006 and 2008 has brought to drastic cuts in capacity and output.

Venture Capitalist Cleantech Investing Gains Momentum

When confronted with the pullback, investment capital investors selected in the pace of the investments within the transport sector, committing record comes down to electric vehicles, powertrains and components, and advanced batteries. Total purchase of the sphere taken into account another of clean technology new funding throughout the second quarter.

A number of these start-ups will flourish in producing new components and vehicle innovations, nevertheless the probably exit for investors is going to be eventual buyout by bigger manufacturers, because of the apparent barriers to new vehicle market entry.

Biomass-to-Power Gains Investor Attention

Other subsectors that appear to be to become gaining investor interest include biomass-to-power, designed for the southeastern US which lack solar and wind power sources, yet have substantial biomass feedstocks. Biomass, unlike solar and wind power, is really a relatively dependable energy platform and can be used as base demand, similar to coal-fired generation. Biomass plants, however, require large-scale capital, and can likely find funding through large infrastructure players and utilities as opposed to the investment capital markets.


Industrial Energy-efficiency represents the reduced-hanging fruit in carbon savings, based on research conducted recently from McKinsey. Companies offering energy-efficiency innovations now turn to be attractive targets for venture dollars.

Smart Grid Technology: Electrifying Potential

Finally, grid-level energy storage remains the Ultimate Goal that may transform solar and wind power from peak level load source to base load. High energy density and power density make flow batteries an encouraging approach. A flow battery is a kind of rechargeable battery by which electrolyte that contains a number of dissolved electro-active species flows with an electrochemical cell that converts chemical energy straight to electricity. Vehicle-to-grid also shows long term potential as electric vehicle market transmission evolves together with smart grid technology.

Eco-friendly Technologies: The Emerging Frontier

As companies make the most of market trends and hop on the brand new emerging technologies bandwagon, investment dollars continuously stick to the future. And investors will aim to find firms that exploit eco-friendly technology breakthroughs, especially in the three key emerging sectors probably to outshine the marketplace – Cleantech, Nanotech and. The majority are micro-cap stocks. Studies have shown that micro-caps have typically delivered a few of the greatest returns on the market, frequently surging greater than 100% when these businesses acquire a major milestone. Yet ironically, these stocks are some of the least included in analysts.

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